Web designing is the core of marketing, where we place the brands and company strategically to attract a more influential audience. The best web design company in Dubai focuses on social media integration and attractive visuals rather than just the technicalities such as coding and wireframes. Great web designs align your business goals with the strategy, bringing the desired outcomes while attracting investors and customers to thoroughly understand the business core values, functions and services. Hence, a combination of text, visuals, ideas, engagements, etc., makes a web design successful where each component of the process works towards achieving the goal.

The webs were built to raise awareness about a product or service to a larger audience while diverting the traffic to its main product features with amazing visuals and seamless browsing. Though the web designing process may look like an easy task, it undergoes multiple stages before getting launched. The top branding services in Dubai have made web designing an essential part of the marketing process by developing futuristic websites catering to the growing demand for digitalization. Since it is a long process from identifying the goal to the launch, the seven steps make a website successful.

7 Web Designing stages by the Best Web Design Company in Dubai

  • Identify the goal


Goal identification is the most basic yet important step of the web designing process where the designers communicate with the company to know its core business values and goals. The client summarises the objectives it is trying to achieve through the websites. Moreover, they describe their web design ideas roughly to understand better what they are expecting from the website. They also research the company’s competitors, brand attributes and target audience. The retail and packaging companies in Dubai have websites, hence catering them requires in-depth knowledge about the core functions.

  • Brainstorming


The next stage focuses on sketching down the ideas related to the web design. The web designers write down the website’s goals, features, layouts, timeline, etc. Why is brainstorming important? It is considered a crucial step in the web designing process as it provides a roadmap to make an immersive website. Secondly, it helps pick out the best three or two designs or frameworks that look similar to achieving the company’s goals while meeting the target audiences’ mindsets. 

  • Wireframes


The stage describes what and how the content will get placed on the website to generate curiosity. The best web design company in Dubai here takes help from some design inspirations and develops a wireframe mockup. Moreover, this helps them store the content and visual elements that will fit nicely into their business model. The sitemap with the wireframe works to identify the complexities and gaps in the businesses. Moqups, Axure, Sketch, Writemaps and Webflow are a few examples of sitemap and wireframe tools.

  • Create Content


Once the sitemap gets laid down, the designers and developers start with the main construction of the website, which begins with the content creation of individual pages. The content writers and designers join hands to create highly engaging content that markets the product and provides in-depth knowledge about them, letting them buy then and there. Google Docs, Webflow CMS, and Dropbox Paper are a few examples of content creation tools used by designers worldwide. Here search engine optimization or SEO, in other words, becomes vital to get the company’s website ranked at the top when searching for related topics. The branding companies in Dubai believe the better the SEO, the more audience it will attract in less time. Google Keyword Planners is the best example of an SEO tool.

  • Visuals


A web design is not complete until visuals get added to the web pages. It is believed images and videos attract more customers than the content does. If SEO content drives the audience to the website, the visuals make them stay and learn further. The clients often describe the visual brands, and the designers only work to bring them to life. Clients can choose a variety of visuals to create incredible images using tools like mood boards, tiles, collages, etc., making the process much easier and faster. Visuals play a significant role in the web design process as they increase clicks, interaction, and revenue while communicating the brand’s message with a user-friendly interface. Illustrator and Photoshop are a few tools used for the visuals.

  • Testing


Before launching the website, it becomes crucial to test the site. Designers and testers integrate manual browsing with automated crawlers to test all the technicalities and designs of the web, from user experiences to broken links. This helps find the loopholes in the web design and correct them before deploying them for the customers. The best web design company in Dubai usually uses SEO Spider or W3C Link Checker to conduct all the web tests.

  • Deploy


Once the web undergoes the testing stage and everything looks perfect, the web designers will launch it into the market with a beautiful landing page and other inside pages, engaging content, an incredible layout, and attractive visuals.

The branding companies in Dubai believe the web designing process is lengthy. Still, with the proper implementation and integration of tools, the businesses may flourish overnight with a greater audience using the website. Here are a few companies that some of the unique websites developed for various products and services.

  • Spotify


Spotify is well-known for creating beautiful visuals, and this time Spotify designs took over, winning multiple awards in 2020. Its web design gives all the information about its brand identity, representing its business, goals, core values, and functions, making it the most prominent music and podcast giant globally. It uses bright colors, immersive animations, drop shadows, abstract accents, etc., to add depth.

  • Swab the World


It provides a fantastic design and website experience with bold colors and parallax. The web raises awareness about stem cells asking people to make donations with a catchy tagline, photos, smooth browsing, and CTA. Additionally, it won many awards in 2020 for having the most beautiful web design with a clear message.

  • Goroa Skincare


The website deals in skincare products. The high-quality typefaces and amazing visuals give the website a simple yet elegant design with a direct message appealing to customers to purchase the product. They won the Site of the day award in 2020.

The web designs are an intricate part of your branding process, driving customers to the site to purchase or gain knowledge about different services. Like the packaging companies in Dubai, many companies worldwide have mastered the art of web designing with a web designing team especially hired for developing engaging websites. Companies hire web designers to build futuristic websites with incredible visuals and content for more user engagement.

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