Agreement Terms

Terms and Condition

Creatix9 is a digital agency that is providing you premium services based on five areas of terms and conditions that are to be abide at any circumstances. Before opting to avail services from us, we recommend you to read our terms and conditions and policies thoroughly.

Acknowledgment of the Terms and Condition

There will be a verbal summary related to payments, terms of administration or cancelation strategy, given to the advertisers, specialists or the agents. Through an email, these T&C are to be ‘acknowledged’ and ‘submitting’ it as a confirmation to abide them by any means.

If the advertisers, specialists or the agents are not able to accept and abide these terms and conditions in not more than 30 days’ timeframe, Creatix0 reserves the right to revoke the offer and mark it as a withdrawn proposition. However, the services from Creatix9 can again be asked, but on new estimation and T&C would be considered.

Cancelation Process and Procedure                           

On the off chance that the sponsor does not consent to be legally bound, he/she may pass on his endorsement to CREATIX9 in (3) working business days by messaging promoter’s name, business name, email address, physical or road number, and territory to with “Cross Out Administrations” in the headline, and the administrations will be dropped with no further confirmations, gave that the notice is given before 5 PM USA eastern standard time, and publicist is accountable for the costs everything being equal. In any case, if using any and all means, the sponsor does not email or organize with CREATIX9 for the cancelation of organization then we would, along these lines, imagine that every one of the terms and conditions are acknowledged and that you have the agree to be legally bound with the terms and condition contract.

Your Personal Information

On the endorsement of the terms and conditions, the promoter additionally agrees to get all the data shape Creatix9in regards to the publicists’ record and the administrations we give. The data more often than excludes special messages, mechanical progressions or additional offers. For withdrawing for the limited time or promoting messages, email us by sending withdraw with the subject “exhibiting messages quit” to It is imperative that the publicist should make reference to his name in the email.

Regardless of whether Advertiser acknowledges these Terms and Conditions, any conspicuous information given by Advertiser ought to be responsible to Creatix9security approach, which can be inspected.

On the off chance that Advertiser gives its contact information to Creatix9and in this way either authentically rejects or has not inside thirty (30) days endorsed these Terms and Conditions, therefore the administrations are not provisioned or trailing the end or cancelation of Services recently gave to Advertiser, the Advertiser may continue getting Marketing Messages from Creatix9. As above, for withdrawing for the limited time or promoting messages, email us by referencing withdraw with the subject “displaying messages quit” to It is imperative that the sponsor should make reference to his name in the email.

Any solicitations to stop according to the terms of this zone will require a sensible proportion of time for planning by Creatix9, and Advertiser may continue getting messages inside the taking care of time allotment.

Description of the Services We Provide

Creatix9 will showcase the matter of promoters through various online systems, sites, etc. For us, our administrations are our items.

Coming up next are the present “Administrations” contributions, which may adjust now and again. For Advertiser, these Terms and Conditions will simply apply to such of the Services as asked for and paid by Advertiser, and given by Creatix9:

Every one of the Services coordinates the advertising and maintaining administrations and practices especially uncovered at the association above for such administration, and is subject to the constraints delineated at such association. The item/benefit terms and conditions uncovered at every one of the above associations are specific just to the explicit administration portrayed, and not to whatever another administration which may be given by CREATIX9. For every one of the administrations procured by Advertiser at some random time, the related terms and conditions specific to such administration at the reasonable association above ought to be a piece of these General Terms and Conditions.

By and by, the Services being given to Advertiser, Creatix9 will provide for Advertiser an Account Information Page which might be recovered by Advertiser whenever to choose the status of Advertiser’s record and the administrations given by CREATIX9. The advertiser may make sense of whenever what administrations are at present being called by Creatix9 through, visit or email. Publicist should fathom that snaps to Advertiser’s site, including taps on the web crawler, shopping motors, content destinations, etc, may have certain erroneous spellings, particular/plural blends, and other related request terms that CREATIX9 maps to Advertiser’s advancing exertion. Regardless, erroneous spellings have all the earmarks of being an extremely essential defect in the seasons of autocomplete web searcher development. All watchword crusades will consolidate key terms, titles, and portrayals chose especially with intend to propel benefit for promoting spend.

Except if Advertiser has related with Creatix9 to give a little scale site, Advertiser is accountable for the distinction and exactitude of its own site and its arrival page(s), or divert destinations that connect to its promotions.

Fees for Creatix9

Publicist, whenever, can choose the costs and estimating for any administration being given on phone, talk or email. Charges for the administrations are put under the individual item/benefit terms and conditions pages showed beforehand. By tolerating these terms and conditions, Advertiser obviously consents to pay the charges and estimating for the Services requested, and which were imparted to Advertiser at or before the period of affirmation.

Early Termination Fee

Well, on the off chance that an Advertiser ends administrations preceding consummation of the agreement term, Advertiser should pay a contractually allowable charge identical to whatever remains of the Contract Value. Contract Value is verbalized by taking the quantity of months went along inside the assertion or consideration ask for times the month to month costs suitable to the Services. For example, the Contract Value of Services of $850 for a three-month term is $2500. In case the Advertiser cancels after the primary month the wiping out cost will be $1250.


Advertiser comprehends that Creatix9 may change its standard terms and conditions and administration contributions now and again and that Creatix9 maintains all authority to alter the estimating of these administrations, after at the thirty (30) days’ development composed a notice to Advertiser. On the off chance that the understanding does not suit recharging rebuilding for an additional term of more than multi month, at that point the assention may be viewed as month-to-month and Advertiser may be responsible to reexamined terms and conditions and additionally valuing following receipt of such notice. The sponsor is encouraged to enter a long haul contract or contracts to modify estimating, terms, and conditions. Sponsor and Creatix9 can change the Services whenever upon basic comprehension.


The promoter is licensed to get to Creatix9 – had, worked, or obliged locales that require login or account subtleties to manage Advertiser’s publicizing account(s). Sponsor concurs that it won’t utilize the site or neither any material nor it will distribute an explicit information. Publicist’s entitlement to make its record with Creatix9 is close to home to Advertiser and non-assignable and will undoubtedly pursue the standards forced by Creatix9. Publicist concurs that it won’t make utilization of any computerized contents, robots or insects, or access to the Advertiser’s record or screen Creatix9’s site and the substance contained in that, beside those mechanized methods expressly made available by Creatix9.


Adverisers twigs that, any information or insights given by the Advertiser to Creatix9may not be handled consistently and may be responsible to the dormancy of the Internet, the Creatix9structures and arrangement of outsider assistants and web indexes.

Ownership of Non-Advertiser Property

Title and full proprietorship rights in and to the Services, together with all ideas, thoughts, crusade improvements, PC programs, and other innovation auxiliary or for the most part ordering with Creatix9 activity of the Creatix9 orchestrate, the Creatix9 offer administration, undertaking the executives, and streamlining stage and website(s) (through and through, the “Creatix9 Materials”), may remain consistently totally with Creatix9 as well as with the specific re-appropriated provider or creator, or with Creatix9’s limited time accomplice, if suitable and if special accomplice is the proprietor of the equivalent. Sponsor perceives that it has not acquired any proprietorship enthusiasm for the Creatix9 Materials and won’t anchor any possession enthusiasm for the Creatix9 Materials by reason of this Agreement.

Advertiser’s Site

Except if Advertiser’s site is expected and given by Creatix9 as a piece of its Services, Advertiser in this manner acknowledges that neither Creatix9 nor its Promotional Partner (if suitable) is in direction of the advancement, support, and task of the Advertiser website(s), nor for any substance or diverse materials that show up on, and all visitors to, the Advertiser website(s), nor is Creatix9 or its limited time accomplice responsible for request passage, installment preparing, shipping, undoing’s, returns, or customer benefit concerning orders put on Advertiser’s website(s). Promoter further allows that it won’t add to or put upon its site any Creatix9 or its limited time accomplice’s guaranteed or authorized substance, or any Creatix9’s look postings, beside an auxiliary course of action with Creatix9.

Advertiser Representations and Warranties

Advertiser signifies and permits to Creatix9, and to its promotional partner if relevant, that for and continuing all through the term of this Agreement:

This Agreement establishes a considerable, authorized, and enforceable understanding as per its terms;

Advertiser is in command of its own receptiveness to correspondences and entreaty from Creatix9and identifies that any lack of receptiveness could physically affect the usefulness of the Services;

Information, content or images that promoter (experts or agents) has provided or will provide for services and will be appropriate for the Advertiser’s learning. Advertiser has a genuine right to utilize such data, content, images or information;

Advertiser is the appropriate owner or representative of the website(s) for which services will be provided unless the site to be endorsed by the services is composed and given by Creatix9; and Advertiser’s site and information, content, images or information given to Creatix9cannot be misused and are liable to third party rights that includes copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, or other intellectual property or right of security or exposure, true content; no consumer fraud, product liability, breach of agreement, damage or cause harm of any sort to any individual or element; is not offensive, derogatory, hostile, or intimidating content; is free of viruses; no promotional content , or any type of spyware, adware, or other publicizing or data gathering software; or vicious links, hate crimes (whether racial or something else), unlawful practices, segregation taking into account race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, and age.

Advertiser Covenants

Publicist further agrees to execute as pursues:

Publicist won’t hold Creatix9or its partners and limited time accomplice, in danger or accountable for the acts of guests who go to Advertiser’s website(s) through Services.

On the off chance that Advertiser has been alluded to the Services by or through a Creatix9organization advancement, to such a degree, to the point that Promotional Partner is a legatee of these terms and conditions, Advertiser affirms that Creatix9may share all data it secures, including item execution information, with Promotional Partner, and limited time accomplice may have similar rights to get to and use determined data as Creatix9itself.

Promoter agrees that if the administrations asked for from Creatix9incorporate paid pursuit the board, and if the paid request the executives is executed through a present record rather than CREATIX9 account, at that point Advertiser will permit Creatix9selective administrative access to indicated account. Promoter may hold read-just access, anyway this will allow Creatix9to play out the Services without shared regulatory rights. Promoter perceives this is critical for Creatix9to effectively play out the administrations.

Promoter won’t, for a day and age of one (1) year after the date when the Agreement closes have the capacity to either (an) ask for control of any laborer or self-employed entity used by Creatix9, (b) incite or bolster any agent or independently employed element used by Creatix9to terminate work with CREATIX9, or (c) intentionally meddle with the activity connection among Creatix9and any of its specialists or with any connection between Creatix9or any independently employed substance who performs administrations for Creatix9. Regardless of the past, general asking for business (i.e., through occupation sheets or general promotions) and any work relationship developed as an outcome of responses to general deals for employment probably won’t be viewed as an encroachment of this Advertiser Covenant.

In case Advertiser offers or advances precluded or age-kept things or potentially benefits, Advertiser will: (I) have age affirmation on its districts’ greeting page and in the business technique in consistence with each and every material law and bearings; and (ii) probably won’t offer such items as well as administrations in locales in which they are denied or are in any way constrained; and (iii) agrees that Advertiser will repay Creatix9against any cases, disasters, hurts, fines, disciplines, or the like which may be searched for, assessed, or constrained as a delayed consequence of Advertiser’s arrangement or progression of such items or administrations.

Advertiser Indemnification Obligations

Sponsor achieve consent to reimburse, protect, and hold Creatix9, its conveyance accessories including special accomplice, their specific licensors and licensees, and related associations, and any of their individual officers, officials, laborers, agents, and administrators (in general the “Reimbursed Parties”), from and against all cases, exercises, liabilities, hardships, costs, damages, and costs (without hindrance, sensible legal counselors’ charges) that might be caused by any of them because of cases, suits, or strategies (all things considered being insinuated in this as a “Case”) without limitation, criticize, encroachment of right of security or consideration, copyright infringement, trademark infringement, or other infringement of any pariah right, coercion, false publicizing, mutilation, thing commitment, or encroachment of any law, resolution, command, rule, or control all through the world in regards to Services performed to support Advertiser, Advertiser’s client’s website(s) or substance in that, Advertiser’s conduct, shows or oversights, or any confirmed or exhibited break by Advertiser of any term, condition, assention, portrayal, or certification in this.

This reimbursement prohibits any case that develops only from the shows or oversights of an Indemnified Party, with respect to that party. An Indemnified Party repaid gathering will advise Advertiser of any case, movement, or interest for which reimbursement is required. A reimburse gathering ought to have sole circumspection to recognize or reject the law office that Advertiser protects the Indemnified Party. Publicist may not settle any case or matter relating to the culpability or commitment of an Indemnified Party without the earlier assent of that party concerned. A repaid gathering will have the benefit to appreciate any protection of a case or potentially to be addressed by guidance of its own decision at its own specific expense. Without compelling any rights and fixes under relevant law, Creatix9will have the benefit to set off any danger of Advertiser concerning a Claim against any stored sum with Creatix9.

Limitation of Liability and Warranty Disclaimer

Promoter concurs that it won’t hold Creatix9, limited time accomplice in danger for any missteps in the substance, rejections, results, hurts, costs, limits, or discounts of any kind rising up out of any interruption of administration or other detachment of the Internet or website(s) in which the commercials are scattered for reasons unidentified.

Promoter further yields and achieves understanding that botches or oversights in the execution of the Services, uninhibited to off base spellings or miscommunication, don’t make a privilege for a discount for the Advertiser. Support will give Creatix9convenient notice and allow Creatix9 a utilitarian time span to make changes to any perceived mistakes or exclusions. As Creatix9relies upon untouchables for explicit data, Creatix9makes no affirmations with respect to the accuracy, quality, or satisfaction of any such data. For no situation Creatix9, or Promotional Partner if suitable, be responsible for any vital, exceptional, lost advantages, or diverse damages rising under this Agreement.

Additional Assistance

In the event that the Advertiser asks for or buys any additional help including following codes or rolling out any improvements to Advertiser’s website(s), in regards to Service, at that point Advertiser agrees to furnish Creatix9 with access to play out the asked for or bought extra help. Promoter perceives that any additional assistance given by Creatix9 is in like manner subject to the obstacles of hazard in this Agreement.

Choice of Law

HIGH-CLASS VENUE: This Contract will be translated as per the laws of United States of America, and the gatherings concur that should any debate emerge concerning this Agreement, scene will be laid only in a court of capable ward in the United States of America.

Attorneys’ Fees

On the off chance that an inquiry emerges between the gatherings hereto, the concerned party in such condition, paying little respect to whether an official decision is at last rendered by the court, will be fit the bill to get its attorneys’ costs reimbursed from the non-winning gathering.

No Third Party Beneficiaries

The agreements, attempts, and understandings set forward in this Agreement are solely for the upside of and enforceable by the Parties, and where appeared, Promotional Partner, or their specific successors or allowed allocates.

SURVIVAL: The areas of this Agreement that address or oversee matters or conditions that could occur after the finish of this Agreement may be deciphered to endure any such end.

Website Content Policy

For the standard sites, every single substance (picture, headings, duplicate, content and so on.) will be given by the customer. If there should be an occurrence of an internet business site up to 10 to 30 test items will be given by the Creatix9group and test item data will likewise be given by the customer including item name, item cost, and item pictures and transporting approach. CMS and web based business the board will be dealt with by Creatix9.

Refund Policy

Creatix9 ensures 100% consumer loyalty with our boundless free Revision Policy which empowers you to enhance your underlying plan brief for nothing out of pocket through your record region.

If there should arise an occurrence of an indistinguishable charge because of agreement blunder, neglecting to satisfy any of your extraordinary structuring necessities or not having the capacity to finish your plan arrange according to the conveyance strategy, your total structure arrange sum will be discounted.

If there should arise an occurrence of any disappointment from any plan administrations given by Creatix9, you can present a discount ask for inside five days of your underlying structures finish. In any case, it will be accepted between the two gatherings that you are happy with your underlying plans if a discount ask for isn’t gotten inside five days of beginning structures conveyance. For any Special/Combo bundles, a similar discount strategy will be appropriate with respect to the single plan bundles.

Your discount would be handled according to the graph beneath:

On the off chance that the demand for discount is made before the request conveyance, you would be qualified for a Full Refund (less 10% administration and handling charge).

In the event that the demand for discount is made inside 48 hours of the underlying plan conveyance, you would be qualified for a 66% discount (less 10% administration and handling expense).

On the off chance that the demand for discount is made between 48-120 hours of the underlying structure conveyance, you would be qualified for a 33% discount (less 10% administration and preparing charge).

No discount demand will be engaged following 120 hours of your underlying plan conveyance. Be that as it may, since we have confidence in 100% consumer loyalty you are urged to get in touch with us quickly so as to determine any of your issues.

In the event that no activity is performed from the client after introductory idea conveyance (48 hours) or modified idea (72 hours), at that point 100% fulfillment will be considered.

All discount solicitations ought to be conveyed to the help division. Creatix9, in light of the infringement of your client understanding maintains all authority to favor/dislike your demand on an individual case to case premise.

Claim Your Refund

All discount solicitations will be satisfied according to the accompanying course of action:

  1. Claim your discount indicating your worry by reaching us by means of telephone, visit or email.
  2. We will endeavor to determine your worry by prudence of our update arrangement as quickly as time permits or else an email for discount demand will be sent to you from our discount division.

After the discount, your structure rights would be acquired by Creatix9 and you would not have the capacity to show any variant of the plan sent by the organization. Let us additionally indicate that:

  1. Since the structure rights would now be exchanged to the organization, you will never again have the right (immediate or backhanded) to utilize any reaction or other substance, work item or media, nor will you have any proprietorship to it.
  2. Working in a joint effort with the Government Copyright Agencies Creatix9 would share Copyright Acquisition data for the discounted plans that would confine the re-utilization of the structures as unique plans later on.

Dispute Resolution

The gatherings must present any question between them emerging according to or from this Agreement to intervention. In the event that the debate can’t be settled in intervention, any residual question must be submitted to obligatory mediation to be controlled by the American Arbitration Association and its Commercial Arbitration Rules with the subsequent honor to be affirmed by a court of skillful ward. The Arbitration is to be directed in the English dialect in Detroit, MI (USA) and Michigan law will apply without respect to struggle of laws standards.

Quality Assurance Policy

So as to give you the foreseen fulfillment, our planners convey as indicated by customer’s determinations and requirements.

The structures are made after a nitty gritty research and examination that guarantees that the plan quality and uniqueness is kept up all through.

100% Satisfaction confirmation

Our free different amendments offer guarantees that you get a 100% fulfillment.

We improve the arranged structure and continue amending it until the point when you are totally fulfilled.

We additionally furnish coordination with your printing organization for nothing, whenever required.

Delivery Policy

All structure arrange records are conveyed to Account Area according to the date expressed on the “Request Confirmation”. An email is likewise sent to inform the customer about their plan arrange conveyance made to their particular record territory. All methods relating to update and discount are liable to date and time of configuration arrange conveyed to customer’s record zone.

We convey all our primer modified plan orders for logos, sites and marking material inside 2 to 3 days, anyway programming, applications, versatile recreations and liveliness storyboards inside 3 to 5 days of accepting the request — by means of an email. The course of events for the conveyance of advanced promoting methodology shifts upon the included research, mediums, spending plan and generally plan measure.

Revision Policy

Creatix9 gives you confirmation with respect to boundless modifications as indicated by your specific bundles. Customers can demand modifications as per to the bundle and no additional expense will be charged. In any case, structure and idea will stay indistinguishable and the client can post update on any of given choices. Amendment on various choices is either forbidden or will be charged discretely. Typical Revision inversion time would be 48 to 72 hours for logo and web composition, 3 to 5 days for video movements, and the course of events for programming, applications and recreations may fluctuate contingent upon the update scope. Essentially, the courses of events for usefulness and Development corrections may likewise contrast dependent upon the extent of work. The course of events for the amendment of advanced promoting system changes upon the included research, mediums, spending plan and by and large arrangement estimate.

Ownership of the Work

When a fine art is acknowledged and the last record is sent to the customer after the total installment, the customer possesses every one of the privileges of the paid fine art. Every one of the cases and copyrights of the structure are then exchanged to the customer.

Copyrights & Trademarks

The customer holds full responsibility for logos, the drafts and every related material.

The Website holds the privilege to utilize the logos solely for special reason, including as a major aspect of our portfolio, and ought to by no means move, or use for benefit except if expressly approved by the customer.

The customer has the privilege to utilize the structure, illustrations, logos, and content contained, at his tact.

The Website should utilize the logos in a reasonable and legitimate way which does not harm the customer’s notoriety and trustworthiness.

Record Maintenance

We track your settled plan once we give you the last records.

On the off chance that you require the last documents again later on we can send them to you at your demand. The information will be kept up for a time of a half year, after which the documents will be for all time erased.

Communication Policy

YOU concur that Creatix9isn’t obligated for any correspondence from email address (es) other than the ones pursued by our very own area i.e. “…” or/and any toll free number that isn’t referenced on our site. Creatix9ought not to be considered in charge of any damage(s) caused by such correspondence. We just undertake liability of any of our correspondence through email address (es) under our own space name or/and by means of toll free number i.e. as of now referenced on Creatix9 Website.