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Now, mobile apps reign supreme. They’re the gateways to data, entertainment, and strong connections seamlessly molded into our daily lives. Forming a convincing app is the correct technique for companies aspiring to reach updated levels of interaction. Yet, app development can be daunting amidst the myriad platforms and altering consumer expectations.


Herein lies the strength of cross-platform development via outsourcing—injects effectiveness, expands reach, and launches flexibility into the app formation procedure. This is precisely where our digital agency in UAE steps in. We don’t merely label ourselves as a show-off business; our dedication to honesty and client satisfaction positions us as a trusted collaborator in the digital marketplace in the complex formula of building groundbreaking cross-platform apps, assuring not merely achievement but phenomenal outcomes.


With Creatix9 app development company in the UAE, you can build potent cross-platform apps where we allow your visionary ideas to attain extraordinary achievement.


What is cross-platform app development, and what rewards does it give?

What is cross-platform app development, and what rewards does it give


Cross-platform development, at its essence, entails constructing an app capable of smooth operation across numerous platforms (iOS or Android app development, etc.) through a unified codebase. Imagine this scenario: instead of investing major assets and time in building separate apps for each platform, you attain a cohesive solution. The advantages are manifold –


  • Costs and time reduction – eliminating the need for multiple development teams and redundant coding efforts. Now, high-cost savings and accelerated time-to-market are achievable.
  • Expanded arrival and scalability – with a single codebase, arrive at broader audiences across varied platforms. You can maximize the influence and expansion possible of your app.
  • Uniform consumer experience – uphold a unified brand identity and consumer experience across platforms, with smooth interaction and heightened consumer satisfaction.
  • Agile development and maintenance – effect updates and bug fixes once and witness their smooth propagation across all platforms. Thereby streamlining maintenance and shoring up effectiveness.


However, effective course-plotting of the cross-platform requires deep savoir-faire and the usage of the right tools. Within our digital agency in UAE, we use pioneering frameworks coupled with large-scale app design, API integration skills, and QA/testing proficiency—each holding unique strengths customized to particular project requirements. Our adept developers wield these tools with mastery, with optimal performance and a native-like experience on each platform.


Why pick our digital agency in UAE as your cross-platform app formation partner?

Why pick our digital agency in UAE as your cross-platform app formation partner


We understand that entrusting your app vision to a collaborator is a bigger decision. So, what sets us apart? Here is a glimpse into the experience you can expect with our digital agency in UAE –


Cross-platform programming language

In cross-platform development, native apps are not viable; particular coding languages serve this purpose. Mastery of these languages is major due to their complexity. Our developers excel in each of the following languages –


  • Flutter
  • React Native
  • Xamarin
  • Ionic
  • Phonegap


These programming languages allow functionality across iOS app development, Android, and web browsers. Excitingly, this adaptability allows for a smooth consumer experience on multiple platforms.


Basic graphic design

It must also have visual allure to ensure an app’s entice exceeds functionality. That’s why we possess a grasp of basic graphic design. While you may not be the sole designer of the entire program, learning graphic design facilitates alignment with coding limitations.


Consider the back button mechanism, clear-cut and effortlessly distinguishable among Android and iOS, a seemingly simple issue that can induce headaches for your team. Our knowledge of graphic design lets us to suggest alternative executions that maintain consistency with programming languages. This synergy confirms a harmonious merge of aesthetics and functionality.


UI/UX design

A brief focal point span is characteristic of the audience. If your app confirms it is challenging to use, users may rapidly delete it. You wouldn’t desire countless hours of effort erased due to a subpar interface. Hence, UI/UX design performs a crucial role in your programming.


Considerations happen regarding button placement, the number of steps for a transaction, and whether these steps possess clarity and an aesthetically gratifying design. Furthermore, selecting the optimal UI/UX design for Android or iOS is crucial.


Our technique revolves around prioritizing end-users, promising the formation of an app that operates coherently and is enjoyable for your clients.

Spatial reasoning

Incorporated into our capability set alongside UI/UX design is spatial reasoning. Your app will encompass either 2D or 3D objects. The question arises – how do you conceptualize and carry out the app to balance with your intentions?


Spatial reasoning is priceless in manipulating shapes and their motions, easing the formation of the particular elements you want within your app. This proficiency confirms a smooth incorporation of either visual or operational components.


 API integration expertise

Apps shouldn’t exist in isolation. The most effective ones smoothly integrate with extensively used services through app program interface integration, commonly called API integration.


Incorporating services from other apps improves your functionality, delivering a smoother consumer experience. For example, the open “create an account” feature, using Facebook or email details, simplifies the onboarding procedure for your clients.


Keeping pace with technological advancements is crucial for preserving the relevance and competitiveness of your app. This ability enables your app to evolve alongside rising technologies, assuring your client’s audiences stay progressive in the dynamic marketplace.


QA & testing skills

You seldom discover a flawlessly working app on the initial Iteration. There will be glitches and bugs that your core demands to resolve. With this, you should have QA & testing skills to help development.


You ought to be capable of running tests with the newest tools to make sure that your app is in top shape. And in case something happens when introduced, you can troubleshoot to make it work again.


Our Digital Agency in UAE Use the Most Potent Methodology in Building Cross-Platform Apps and That Is “Agile”

Our Digital Agency in UAE Use the Most Potent Methodology in Building Cross-Platform Apps and That Is Agile


Quick adaptation to altering marketplace desires, client core demands, and rising technologies are necessary. This is where the agile methodology is priceless.

An adjustable and iterative technique to app development, agile prioritizes cooperation, quick prototyping, and continuous enhancement.

The agile software development existence cycle comprises six phases. Let us explore each of these agile phases in more detail.


The idea stage initiates our project trip. During this stage, we define the project scope for our client, prioritizing multiple projects if major. Consultation with the client establishes crucial requirements and is documented comprehensively to outline aided features and proposed outcomes. We recommend minimal requirements at first, with flexibility and prefer to add father features in later phases. The idea stage also entails estimating project time and cost and confirming a detailed analysis to determine project feasibility before commencement.


Following the conceptual groundwork, we assign adept team members. We kick-start the design procedure by Checking their availability and equipping them with major tools. This entails building a consumer interface mock-up and constructing the project architecture. Stakeholder input refines requirements on a diagram, shaping app functionality. Uniform check-ins promise all requirements to integrate with ease into the design procedure.


The iteration stage, called construction, comes after, constituting the lengthiest stage. Developers collaborate with UX designers, amalgamating app requirements and client feedback to change design into code. The main goal is making the main product functionality by the initial Iteration or sprint’s ending. Later iterations put up extra features and refinements—the crucial role of this stage in agile app development – quick software formation and continuous enhancements to meet client satisfaction.


Approaching app readiness, our quality assurance team conducts tests assuring full functionality. Agile team members rigorously test the system, rapidly dealing with possible bugs or defects. This stage includes consumer training, necessitating extra documentation. Once these steps are concluded, the product’s final Iteration is prepared for release.


The maintenance stage commences with software entirely deployed to our client’s audiences. The app development team offers ongoing help. You can ensure smooth system operation and deal with any latest bugs. Also, we give users extra training to maximize app usage. Above time, the latest iterations refresh the current app with upgrades and included features.


The retirement stage signifies two possible scenarios – replacement with the latest software or obsolescence. Although not must, but we do as to maintain our dedication to long-term support and AAA quality. In retirement, users are notified; if a replacement needed, a smooth migration to the latest system happens. After that, the developers will finish up any last tasks for the old software and stop supporting it.

Each stage of the agile existence cycle contains multiple iterations to improve deliverables and bring great outcomes. Let’s take a look at how this iteration workflow functions within each phase –

Our Agile Iteration Workflow in Cross-Platform App Development

Our Agile Iteration Workflow in Cross-Platform App Development


Agile iterations typically span two to four weeks, concluding with a set completion date. The workflow within an agile iteration entails five sequential steps –

  • Strategy Requirements
  • Create Product
  • Test Software
  • Bring Iteration
  • Integrate Feedback

Each stage of agile comprises multiple iterations, where our app developers cyclically improve their processes to build optimal software. These iterations essentially function as smaller cycles within the overarching agile existence cycle.

The agile existence cycle is a primary structural model for our mobile app development company. It guides us from app conception to retirement. To facilitate all actions within the agile cycle, our team members must have access to the right assets and tools, combining an agile project management platform.

Ready to propel your app to success?

Ready to propel your app to success


At our top digital agency, we’re more than merely developers; we’re your trusted partners in realizing your app’s full strength. Creatix9 app development services in UAE give eligibility to you to sail across the consistently altering globe of cross-platform development with confidence, efficacy, and steady dedication to your app development vision.

So, if you’re prepared to unleash your app’s strength and push it to achievement, take the initial step and get our mobile app development services in Dubai today. Let us jointly receive on this trip, convert your app vision into an actuality beyond platforms, and captivate the globe.

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