Certain celebrating days, such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, offer the best opportunities for advertisers and marketers to profit.


Mother’s Day has moved out, and we hope marketers and advertisers take advantage of this day.


But the fathers are on their way, and marketers and advertisers are looking for digital marketing techniques to get the target audience’s attention and show serious care for them.


If you’re overwhelmed with ideas, we’re here to provide practical solutions to your marketing efforts.


This blog is for those who are seeking useful ideas to implement in their next marketing campaign to show their loyalty and care for their right audience.


This blog will discuss specific digital marketing techniques for this Holiday.


Let’s begin.


8 Digital Marketing techniques for father’s day

1.Begin your campaign as soon as possible



People won’t remember Father’s Day, and you can remind them by starting your campaign early. You can start an email cycle as a valuable reminder for them.


You can enjoy the privilege of being the first one to inbox your target clients when they open the box and see your email first. This is for those clients who prefer online shopping and decide to take a look at your tempting offer and buy their Father’s Day gift sooner rather than later.


You can use a drip campaign via marketing tools to keep active your customized marketing emails to your beloved clients till the moment the day arrives.


2.Covered your subject line with “Dad” or “Father’s Day”

When you put the Father’s Day keyword in the subject line, there is a 14% higher chance that your client open it or you get a CTR than the average email.


Although good email platforms increase the number of subscribers who open an email, the subject line still matters as it ensures relevancy, usefulness, and engagement.


You can try and adjust these AI-generated subject lines per your deals:


  • Free Shipping for Father’s Day.
  • Make Dad Proud: Last Chance Sale
  • Do not forget Father’s Day!
  • Make His Day – Stylish Gifts for Dad
  • The Perfect Gift for Father’s Day!


These are a few; you can generate thousands more.


3.Discounts or promotions



Saving money is an essential aspect for many shoppers, even when it comes to celebrating Father’s Day. Thus, discounts are a common and useful way to promote your service or products if possible, otherwise offer free shipping or a shipping discount to get your clients or subscribers’ attention.


4.Display your Father’s Day gift ideas

Besides above marketing techniques, another opportunity you can use is the decision of which gift to choose—a challenging chore.


Note, the gifting package strategy depend on what industry and business you belong to.


For instance, you belong to the sports industry and make shoes, apparel, and accessories for those who prefer wear athletic apparels or love sports.


Here, you choose between different sports accessories, apparels and shoes, make a bundle of these, and get ready to add a discount on it and make a splash on emails, ad space, SMM, or in your PPC marketing.


As an example: 1 shoe with tracksuits and polo-shorts with a price of 150 (discount of 20%) this Father’s Day. Avail it now!


As an example: 2 football or basketball jerseys, t-shirts with a price of 200 (discount of 10%), this father’s day. Gain it now!


Or you can go with the Father’s Day ideas for those who have everything but find it hard to purchase for them; then, you can create a stylish gift card.


Example: Are you juggling what to buy for your father, as your father has everything that he needs? Get him the gift card along with a flower bouquet, shoes, cleats, and running shoes, as well as three football or basketball jerseys and tracksuits at a discount.


5.Market Segmentation

You must hold all of your target audience data, including their age, background, nationalities, ethnicities, location, and behaviors.


You need to classify them according to who and what each would buy this Father’s Day.


This way, you can offer the product or service based on their preference and interest.


If your audience is dads themselves, tailor your campaign to align with subjects they are interested in discussing or sharing with potential gift buyers.


If you are targeting a group who want to buy for their dads, you can suggest products they don’t think they should buy themselves or you can say “or cross-promote products”. This way, you’re helping them find new purchases to gift someone.


6.Get insights into today’s customer experience



You must ensure that your email, SMM, SEO, and PPC marketing campaigns per the user’s comfort level. This means that any Father’s Day ads on your site must be mobile-friendly.


When the ad appears on a mobile browser, it doesn’t become gibberish or show garbled text. The ad space should be as visible on smartphone browsers as on websites. Complex browsing means losing sales.


Also, your company profile must show the same details on all online platforms, such as your website, social media channels, app, and Google Maps.


If your business information isn’t showing proper details in Google Maps, you are losing a lot of search traffic.


7.Leverage Multiple Programmatic Channels

Use multiple channels when taking advantage of Father’s Day promotions. Multi-channel campaigns allow you to reach almost all target clients and encourage them to come to you this Father’s Day.


You can use programmatic audience, in-game advertising, connected TV platforms, and Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH), in addition to social media, apps, and websites.


A fusion of multiple channels for Father’s Day expands the audience.


Also, you can use a retargeting strategy with a multi-channel campaign for those audience who visit or interact with you but won’t convert into buyers.


For this, you can offer online add-ons based on your visitors’ prior intentions for visiting your website or app.


By reaching out to them again, you can guide them toward making a purchase.


  • In-Game Advertising: – The exercise of purchasing ad locations in computer, video, or/and mobile games. Video games have the chance to touch 3.10 billion by 2027.


  • Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH): – Any digital ad that is performed outside of the home, like in public areas such as stores, gas stations, billboards, and airports. Programmatic makes buying and delivering DOOH ads easier. You can handle your DOOH campaigns through your programmatic platform without the hassle of doing it by yourself.


  • Connected TV platform: You can show video ads using a streaming service when a person watches a movie, TV show, or any other video. These ads are shown on an actual television.


8.Use Video Animations to Tap into Consumer Emotions to Inspire Shoppers



Your audience is everything, and when an occasion comes near that gives you the potential to appreciate and connect with them emotionally, there is no chance you won’t take it.


These are the most important moments in a year that allow you to tap into the emotional aspect of an event and embrace clients.


So, among all the above campaigns, there is another dominating campaign that, you can leverage, is the potential of storytelling.


Storytelling shoots sentiment, and there is psychology behind it.


You can flash emotion this dad day with animated videos.


Video is the perfect medium for connecting with the audience creatively, and when animation is added to it, the result is very powerful.


An animated video’s mixture of colors, rigging, rendering, human voices, scripts, characters, visual creativity, and soundtrack makes your marketing campaigns powerful enough to catch viewers’ emotions.


With a campaign, your brand can appear unique and lead this father marketing campaign world.



Your business can avail itself of excellent pros using these marketing campaign techniques this Father’s Day.


Using a digital strategy with in-depth research, keeping up with the client’s behaviors, changing trends, and new marketing techs, you can reach shoppers who are prepared to celebrate not just their Father’s Day but also their grandfathers, partners, and brothers’ Day.


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